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My Way of Doing a Three Card Daily Draw

The first thing I do for this is draw my main three cards. Then I add up the numbers on those cards to get a subject card ( I use this card for context). I then flip over the deck with the rest of the cards to reveal the bottom card (this is the overall theme). Here’s an example of my daily draw using this method. Just to be clear, I made this up, and it’s probably not “traditional”. But it works a little better for me than just simply drawing three cards. 🙂

The example below is today’s draw. Ugh.. It kinda sucks. lol


My main line of three are Clouds, Whip, and Moon. When you add 6 + 11 + 32 you get 49. I then reduce that by adding 4 + 9 to get 13, which is the Child. I read this as confusion (Clouds) and quarrels (Whip) in the evening hours (Moon). This will probably involve my son (Child). And the card on the bottom of the deck was the Cross. Ugh. Such a burden it will be. But I’m a Mom, so this is the cross that I must bear. lol 🙂 *Note – I also look at the line of three vertically. Cross, Whip, and Child. Child causes conflict that will be tiresome.

*Pictured is a Dondorf style Lenormand by Konigs Furt.


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30 Day #Lenormand Challenge – Day 9

“Which card do you dread pulling the most? Why?”

The Clouds card is probably the one I dread most in a reading. Why? Because confusion is… confusing. When your vision is clouded, things get difficult to see. And I enjoy being clear-eyed when dealing with the world around me. 🙂



*Pictured is a Dondorf style Lenormand by Konigs Furt.

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30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 8

“Which is your favorite card? (Artwork + Meaning)”

The Park (or Garden) is my favorite card. Why? Because it’s a lovely, peaceful place for the public to come together in nature. 🙂



*Pictured is a Dondorf style Lenormand by Konigs Furt.

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Those Poor 5’s

I was thinking about the tarot 5’s today. Such a poor set of cards.

Using the Dreaming Way Tarot as an example, here were my thoughts.


  • 5 of Wands – Those poor guys are all vying around a table for something.
  • 5 of Swords – That poor gal had all her swords taken away.
  • 5 of Cups – That poor gal can only see what’s in front of her. Poor me!
  • 5 of Pentacles – Down and out poor old woman.
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30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 7

“What was the first spread you learned?” 

The first spread I learned was the Runway Layout, that was in the LWB of the Mystical Lenormand. 


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30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 6

“What do you like the most reading (or with which do you feel better reading): the Tarot, or the Lenormand?” 

Right now, I prefer reading with tarot. Just simply because I’ve been reading them for so long, and am most comfortable/confident doing so. 🙂 

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30 Day Lenormand Challenge – Day 5

“How long have you been reading the Lenormand?”

I’m still studying the Lenormand, so I only read for myself. But I first picked up a Lenormand deck about 11 months ago. 🙂


*Pictured is the Lenormand Revolution.

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